Staying Fit Through Injury

Sprained ankles are nothing new to any other derby player. It sucks, but that doesn't mean all your cross training goes to waste. Since I'm currently dealing with a nasty sprained ankle, I've been using Booty Quake's Gun Show Workout. It's great for first thing in the morning or something to do at practice while my... Continue Reading →


A Chance to Vent

You have a medical issue. You go to the doctor, describe your issue, explain your derby lifestyle, only to receive some weird blanket diagnosis that clearly doesn't apply to an athlete. How many of us have gone through this? Probably a lot of us. I've had good doctors, okay doctors, and why-the-hell-did-you-go-into-the-medical-profession doctors. The first... Continue Reading →

Derby Strong: Part 2. What to expect when coming back after an injury

Admitting you have an injury and giving it time to properly heal is tough. Every practice, every bout you are off skates can feel like a special, slow form of torture. You want the wheels under your feet. You want, no, NEED to hit people! Finally,  the doctor gives you clearance to lace up and... Continue Reading →

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