Talking derby with the media

As derby players, we love to see our sport featured on the news or in magazines. Every league should be prepared for interviews and the differences between television and print. Television interviews are very visual. Yes, what you say is important, but viewers pass judgment more quickly on how you look rather than how you... Continue Reading →


Smooth derby player: pre and post practice smoothies

Earlier this week, I asked people on my Facebook and Twitter to share some of their favorite pre and post practice foods. The foods most people mentioned were sweet potatoes, kale chips, nuts, fruit, and granola bars. Two people said smoothies. I love smoothies! They are my favorite thing for both pre and post practice. Since I... Continue Reading →

Assemble your team

Team: (noun) a number of persons associated together in work or activity(verb) to put together in a coordinated ensemble(adjective) marked by a devotion to teamwork rather than individual achievementThe Psych Ward Sirens have one more bout this season: the Championships. Something that will set this game apart from the rest of the season is the... Continue Reading →

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