Here’s to a Healthy, Happy Me


Each year, I set new goals for myself. While most tend to be fitness related, my approach to this year is a little different. I still want to improve my fitness level in order to be a better Savannah Derby Devil, but mostly I want to be healthy mentally.

In 2014, the hits never stopped coming. Some changes were good (moving back to Savannah, rejoining SDD); some were not so good (relatives dying, being financially strapped). Starting off this year, I decided to do a lot of organizing: organizing my training time, organizing work, organizing time spent with the hubs, organizing my PR work for the team.

It’s a lot to manage, and at times last year, I admit I felt like breaking. But this year is different. This year I will focus on being happy. If something I’m doing isn’t making me happy, that’s a clue to evaluate what’s actually causing me unhappiness and fix it.

So far, things seem to be going well. January has been a relatively stress-free month. The hubs and I are bonding over training and cooking healthy meals together, my boss and coworkers are happy with efforts I’ve put in, and (this one is super important) I’ve organized my league’s PR calendar through the end of the year!!!! That one is such a huge relief. I can honestly say I’m happy right now.

My hope is to blog at least twice a month this year; not as much as in years past, but I really let my busy life kill my blog schedule last year, so this is me now…easing back into it.


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