The art of transferring teams

I’ve mentioned some tips before on transferring derby teams [How to win friends and influence skaters]. Obviously, that doesn’t cover everything, so I wanted to write something more comprehensive.

Houston Roller Derby is a league, like many, built by different skaters from different backgrounds. That includes locations. I was able to talk to several players who already had experience with other leagues before moving to Houston.

JeneticRabid Monkey (Brazos Valley), T-Wrecks (Brewcity Bruisers), Jenetic Defect (Chippewa Valley), Dallas Scars (Dallas Derby Devils) and I all came to Houston within a few months of each other. We cheered each other on through the tryout process and eagerly awaited word together of which team would draft us. Even though none of them are on my home team, I feel like we still have a special bond from our early HRD experience. They helped make coming to a new team with new drills and new challenges a lot less scary.

Of course, we aren’t the first transfers to come to HRD. The Angie Christ (Texecutioners) and Flyon Maiden (Northwest Arkansas) are two who offered their words of wisdom after being with the league for a few seasons.

This time I wanted to focus on transferring from another city, state or country. Houston has a TON of farm leagues, so it’s not unusual to see girls from some of those teams at tryouts.  Transferring from team to team within the same city presents its own unique challenges that I plan to discuss later.

Until then, please enjoy my interview with HRD transfer skaters here. As always, feel free to shoot me any questions you have. If I don’t know the answer, I can find someone who does.


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