Questions? Concerns? Comments?

Since moving to Houston, I’ve been applying for any job for which I’m even remotely qualified. As a journalist, it’s hard going from a full time job that consumed my life almost as much as derby to absolutely nothing. It’s also hard to pay dues and upgrade gear by relying solely on my retail jobs and a scant few freelance jobs.

A few months ago, I saw a listing for sports writers on (If you click on the link, yes, that’s my real name, and yes, I know it’s long.) I’m now writing derby

Can you tell I was a little excited about the new skates?

articles for the website. Hurray! It started as a chance to promote the many teams in the Houston area, but after asking some readers what they would like to see, I’m expanding to not only cover teams and their events but also concerns of derby athletes. Two topics I’ll be writing about soon include what to expect when transferring to a new team and staph infection prevention in derby: two topics I know plenty about.

Houston Roller Derby is the third league I’ve skated with since 2006. It sucks to feel like you constantly have to prove yourself, but with HRD, I know I’m not alone. There are plenty of skaters who also transferred from other leagues. These include small leagues and big leagues, area leagues and distant leagues. It’ll be good to talk to them about their experiences and provide a resource for those going through the same thing.

Staph infections are the worst! I was off skates for several weeks in 2011 because of one in my knee. Since then, I’ve been a little paranoid about cleanliness. I wash my pads frequently and take steps to keep bacteria from growing on them between washes. Sadly, a lot of the research out there on preventing staph infections isn’t geared towards female athletes or athletes who wear derby pads. I’ll be talking to experts familiar with the sport who can clear up some misconceptions.

I’m still looking for more ideas, so if any of you have topics you’d like covered, leave me a comment. I’d love to help.


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