Pump it up! Exercising in the Roller Derby Workout Challenge

Going from a few days of derby practice a week to exercising almost every day can be a bit of a shock. Your muscles are sore. You’re always hungry. And after the first week, finding the motivation to go on can be tough.

The Roller Derby Workout group on Facebook is a great way to stay connected with others going on the same adventure. But some need an accountability partner they actually see.  There are a couple of ways to do this.

  1. Team up with a teammate. Ask someone on your team who is also doing the RDWC to partner with you. You can report to each other on how your daily workouts are going, if you’ve had any food lapses, or discovered any good recipes that follow the guidelines.
  2. Group thing. One thing that helped me in years past was working out with my friends. A few of us would meet up at my derby wife’s house one or two days a week. We would workout using the Roller Derby Workout DVD. When one of us struggled, the others were there to cheer her on. Even now, I hear them in my head when I struggle through workouts on my own.
Stretching = happy muscles

Stretching = happy muscles

For those of you who have been participating in the challenge, maybe you’re looking for new workouts. Roller Derby Athletics offers new videos and exercise every few weeks. It’s a great way to keep your muscles from getting to used to the same workouts.

Notice you’re hungry all the time? You’re burning more calories, and you’re changing how you eat. That’s why the challenge also lists snacks. Don’t overindulge, but do use them. You should also be drinking more water. I found a good article here explaining all the benefits of water, including helping you feel more full and energizing your muscles.

For some, the real challenge is sticking with the plan after an intense workout. Most of us have evening derby practice and a bit of a drive home after it’s over. Houston Roller Derby’s practice space is next to restaurants. Don’t think I’m not tempted to gorge on fast food with the smell of fries and barbecue wafting through the building. I’ve been curbing this with a protein drink from either Bolthouse Farms or Odwalla. I’m not saying they’re the best option, but they get the job done.

Several of my teammates chose to drink chocolate milk after practice. I’ve read article after article on chocolate milk versus a protein shake after a hard exercise. It seems everyone has an opinion and no one agrees. Jillian Michaels recommends a whey protein drink and says chocolate milk has unnecessary sugar and calories. (See her tweet below.)

I don’t know who is right, but I think it’s time to try whey protein. I’ll let y’all know how it goes.

Do any of you have tips for those trying out the Roller Derby Workout Challege? Leave a comment with your suggestions.



4 thoughts on “Pump it up! Exercising in the Roller Derby Workout Challenge

  1. Thanks for the mention, Eenie!
    Agreed – having something healthy packed with you for after practice will help prevent you from filling the gap with beer and ribs at your local pub 🙂
    Another great tip for getting the most out of RDW or any workout program is to PLAN your workouts in advance (otherwise, suddenly you find it’s Thursday and you somehow didn’t fit in those core workouts you were meant to…) and RECORD what you actually did – workout journalling is super effective to keeping you on task!

  2. ” When one of us struggled, the others were there to cheer her on. Even now, I hear them in my head when I struggle through workouts on my own.”
    Interwebs, EMSkates readers, I have to clarify….when Eenie says we were there to cheer HER on…that’s not totally fact…. in fact, we were ALL screaming obscenities at the screen together. Those Heart Attacks Girls are just freakin adorable and they do every exercise like it’s no big deal with SMILES on as we squat and hold….hold….hoooooollllllddddd OMFG I HATE YOU!WHY DON’T YOU HOLD AND I’LL GO HAVE A BEER?!!?!?!….thus bonding us in sweat and effort outside of actually playing roller derby.
    I am one of those people who needs a partner she has to look in the face and risk disappointing. I am working on getting into more solo exercise just because it is sortof impractical to wait for someone to drag your fat butt outta the house and work you…my answer to this problem doubles as pretty much my least favorite way to work out…..Running….BUT
    It’s easy on your brain, doesn’t take a lot of prepping, and as long as you know you have 30 minutes + shower time, you can fit it in anywhere even if you’re a terrible planner (like myself.)

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