I hate to see any derby player let anger consume her. This article addresses some very real concerns.


Anger, Frustration, passion; No matter what word you use, it plays a big role in every game, every practice, and everyday occurrences in sport. There are many reasons that can be a factor in an athlete’s competitive emotions, as well as different athletes handle various situations differently. From elation to violence in sports, I have found many different systems to help try and prevent or control athletic emotion when it gets too intense.

There are many reasons these negative emotions occur. Some violence in sports can be attributed to the fact that many athletes have failed to learn how to control their emotions because they have devoted so much of their time mastering their sport. They are physically quite talented, but emotionally stunted and immature. Many of the sports we love including Roller Derby, have a violent component to them, and athletes are, in some instances, rewarded for being tough…

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