Small World, Big Game

One of the ideas that excites me about roller derby is that making new friends anywhere is easier. When I find out I’m spending an extended amount of time somewhere, the first thing I do is check to see if there’s a team in the area. Now that I’m skating with Houston, I’m enjoying not only making friends, but discovering the degrees of separation.

Muhammed Holly and I met a few months ago in a Facebook group for the Roller Derby Workout Challenge. After I moved to Houston, she and I were talking about places I’ve skated. Fort Walton and the Beach Brawl Sk8r Dolls, a team I filled in with a few times, came up. She mentioned that one of the girls who skates for the rec league here also used to skate for Fort Walton. I didn’t recognize her name, but it’s nice to know that I’m not the only Florida Panhandle girl residing in Bayou City.

A few days later, Holly shared a picture on Facebook of a Savannah Derby Devils sticker she put on her helmet. One of her friends commented that a former teammate from the Ohio Roller Girls now skates with SDD. Drrty grrl! It turns out that drrty’s old teammate now lives in the Houston area. Of course, I gushed about how hardcore drrty still is, explaining how she skated on a twisted ankle during my last bout with SDD. Love that woman.

drrty grrl is easy to spot in the green helmet but not easy to avoid.

In a conversation with Quiche MeDeadly, another Facebook/Twitter friend, she mentioned that one of her former teammates from Chippewa Valley Roller Girls had just transferred to Houston. I was able to meet Jenetic Defect at a speed class, and now she and I are Fresh Meat for HRD together.

It’s a very large world, and I’m not sure exactly where all I will be going, but it’s nice to know that derby makes it just a little smaller.


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