New Kid on the Track

Once again, I’m the new kid. This time it’s in Houston. I was a little worried to begin with, but after today, I’m even more excited about trying out for Houston’s roller derby league.

I started skating with Panama City when the league  was in its infancy. It was fun, and sometimes crazy, watching a team build from the ground up. We all worked very hard researching new plays and techniques. None of us had played derby before, so given the resources we had to work with, I think we did really well.


When I had the opportunity to move to Savannah, I knew the derby team there would be a new experience. It was bigger, and organized differently. After spending some time off skates, I’m grateful that I was able to come in with SDD’s Fresh Meat Class of 2010. It was a wonderful chance to refresh my skills and learn to do a few things correctly that I had been doing wrong. After skating with SDD for a little over two years, now it’s on to something new.

Fresh Meat 2010

Earlier this year, I made friends via Facebook with Muhammad Holly, who skates in Houston. I have yet to meet her in person, but she’s been amazingly helpful during the move. She’s given me details on Houston’s tryouts, contacts for the junior league that’s starting up, offered to skate with me, and told me about a speed skate class on Saturdays. With tryouts coming up soon, I knew I needed to strap on my skates and do something. And, boy, did I do something.

I own both the Roller Derby Workout DVD and Getsome Athletics DVD. These have both helped me gain strength and speed, but I’ve never been to a class completely dedicated to speed skating. My ass was pleasantly kicked while I sweated bullets.

The class also gave me a chance to meet some other girls who skate for Houston. Some are on the rec league and some skate with the regular league. Everyone was welcoming and helped ease some of my concerns about the upcoming tryouts. They also brought up something unexpected.

“Yeah, it’ll be a mix of basic skills, and we’ll have you skate with us during some of our drills.”

“Oh, okay. That sounds cool.”

“Yep, and there’s the interview.”

“Interview? INTERVIEW?!? “

Houston interviews girls who are trying out to find out what they can bring to the team, what the girls are looking to get out of playing, and how committed they are. It’s a great idea, but now I’m a little worried. My two fears now are that either I’ll clam up and only give one word answers, or that I’ll nerd out and ramble. I may be calling my derby wife this week for some role playing (because, yes, I am that nerdy).

Interview fears aside, I am really happy and excited to see what new adventures Houston brings.

First speed skate class in Houston


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  1. OK…first of all, they will be able to SMELL your love of derby wafting off of you. Even if you give one word answers, they will know the wonderful, dedicated woman you are. And if there seems to be any doubt, you have myriad women back here in SAV who will attest to that dedication. Kick ass, Eenie. I know you will.

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