Savannah is What Happens

You were meant to live in Savannah.

This has come up so often in conversations with friends and family. And it’s very true. It seems my life in Savannah has been one divinely planned event after another.

In March of 2010, I came here for a job interview. I wasn’t sure it was even something I was interested in. I’d never been to Savannah and thought it would be a good chance to see the city and visit my friend Tuquyen. Going down Victory Drive and seeing the fountains and old homes and Spanish moss-covered oak trees, I knew I was sunk. Savannah would be my next home.

The first thing I decided to do was join the Savannah Derby Devils. My old teammate from PCRD, Wyatt Riot, is originally from Savannah. Years ago, The South magazine published an article on the team. I vividly remember Wyatt and I fangirling over the article and hoping we could play them. That never happened, but I did join the Derby Devils when I moved here.

After joining the team, I’ve been in a movie (Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies), met several celebrities, gone from a size 10 to a size 4, run my first half marathon, been on my team’s training committee, helped coach the junior derby team, started this blog, and made some amazing friends. The past two years have been a fantastical adventure.

Today marks my last bout with the Savannah Derby Devils before I move to Houston, Texas. Part of me really doesn’t want to leave because I really feel like this team has helped me grow into the skater I really want to be. But the other part of me knows that Houston also has a team (with tryouts coming up soon) which will lead me to new adventures and skills. Plus, my husband will be there, and I’ve missed him terribly.

To my Devils, past and present:

I love all of you so much. You’ve become my second family. You were my shoulders to cry on during the rough times and my biggest (and loudest) cheerleaders during the good times. Some of you came to my house to take care of me when I got the staph infection in my knee and my cat tried to die.

Sexy staph infection

We’ve skated together, sang together and partied in the face of loss together. The moment at last Thursday’s practice where you all started singing “All My Ex’s Live in Texas” made me teary-eyed. You’ve all changed me… for the better. My mom and husband have both said that my skills and confidence have grown since joining you. I’m glad I met you, and I promise to continue Facebook stalking all of you and inundating you with updates on my life through this blog and various social media.

To my fans:

I’m sure someone will try to argue this, but I think Savannah has some of the best derby fans in the world. In what other city does a passing derby girl get called out and cheered by a trolley tour? You’ve followed the Savannah Derby Devils from the cramped confines of Supergoose to the more spacious Savannah Civic Center. It makes me insanely happy when you ask for my autograph or to take a picture with me, and I know the other Devils feel the same way. I can’t wait to come back on visits and join you in the stands. 

To my work friends:

The circumstances under which we worked were not always ideal, but we made it work for us. We pulled off the impossible again and again, and I’m glad I could help. I hope things get easier and that you all find success in your own pursuits.

To my ALvZ friends:

How many people get to say they were apart of a cult classic? The movie’s only been out for a few months, and we’ve already hit that status. I had such a great time on set with all of you. Can’t wait to see where you careers take you. Also, big thanks to Ryan Watterson. I wouldn’t have known about the movie if it weren’t for him.


To Tuquyen:

Thank you so much for telling me about the job opportunity. Savannah has been one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. I wish we could have hung out more, but the chances we had were always fun. You haven’t heard the last of me, though. Someone has to corrupt your baby with derby. 😉

To my juniors:

I know I bark a lot at practice, but it’s because I know you are all capable of being little badasses. Please keep pushing yourselves to be the best derby girls you can be. You have no idea how lucky you are to have this team and each other. I wish I had had something like this when I was younger. It would have made middle school so much more livable. Remember that you are now much more than just individuals. Together you are an unstoppable force. No matter what happens in your personal life, you have each other and you have derby.

To A.C.E.:

You are the best derby wife ever! I want to write more, but I’m saving it for our vows tonight at the after party. Just know that you permanently have a place in my heart, and I will work very hard to find jobs for you an Announcer Guy so the power couples of awesome can continue.

Leaving Savannah hurts because I feel like I have so much invested here. I’ve already warned my husband that he’ll be dealing with a depressed Eenie for a few weeks.  This town hasn’t seen the last of me. I’ll return for visits, and I hope to move back here eventually. This place is magic. Savannah has a way of making all the right things happen for you right when you need them. I hope it decides to need me back sooner rather than later.


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