Crushing the Derby Drama Bug

No one likes derby drama. There are countless blog posts about it. Elektra Q-Tion wrote a list of her derby pet peeves and drama was certainly included. But how do you avoid derby drama? I’ve come up with some techniques that help me.

1) Keep your mouth shut. Before you start talking crap about someone on your team, close your mouth and keep it to yourself. As a wise man once said, don’t start none. Won’t be none.

2) Try to see if from the other person’s point of view. So one girl on your team is being bitchy. So what? Maybe something’s going on in her personal life. Maybe what she needs is a kind word and an understanding teammate instead of talking behind her back.

3) Mediation. If someone is really a problem for you, ask the coach or league president to schedule a mediation. This allows the two of you to work out the issue with an impartial person present who can calm things down if they start to get out of hand.

These tips obviously don’t cover every situation, but it gives you a start point. When in doubt, go back to one.


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