The Devil Went Down to Georgia… and then decided to skate

My league, the Savannah Derby Devils, has an amazing bumper sticks that says “I worship skatin’.” In the small amount of time that I’ve had that on my car, I’ve gotten many weird looks and even been witnessed to. (It’s the Bible Belt.) But I think the best/scariest reaction happened yesterday.

Saturday, my team, the Hostess City Hellions, played the lovely and talented ladies of the Appalachian Rollergirls. They won, or to be more accurate, they stomped us into the ground. But they did it with love and heart and were the coolest girls to play against and party with after.

On Sunday, I went down to Clary’s with my mom and friend for post bout-there’s-no-way-I’m-cooking-anything breakfast. We were sitting outside, enjoying our coffee, when some of the Appalachian girls showed up. We said hello and caught up on strange things that happened after the after-party. They decided to sit next to us, so we randomly chatted throughout breakfast. Then crazy things happened.

There’s a guy in Savannah who walks around, carrying a sign that says something like “Satan & slavery = death”. He also yells at seemingly no one and everyone. Well, he picked the worst time to walk past Clary’s.

As he walked past us, he gave the Appalachian girls the stink eye. I’m assuming it’s because one of them was smoking and some of them have obvious tattoos (’cause smoking and tattoos send you to hell). He kept walking until he saw a bumper sticker on their car. It was our Worship Skatin’ sticker.

It seems he isn’t a fan of Skatin’.

All of us watched as the rage started to build in his face. If I hadn’t been so unsure of his reaction, I would have laughed. He stomped to the front of the car and started doing something. We weren’t sure if he was keying the car, so a few girls ran over and started yelling at him to get away. One of the servers even ran out of the restaurant and yelled, “Shoo! We don’t want you here.” The server later told us that he had had run-ins with sign guy before and didn’t want him messing with us.

This could have gotten scary.

Sign Guy walked away. It turns out that he had been writing an angry note to leave on the car. The Appalachian girls finished their food, and we said good-bye before they hit the road. I’m sure they’ll have some fun stories to tell all their friends back in Boone, North Carolina. They will undoubtedly include with this guy.


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  1. I had an argument with him once, when his sign talked about how America is the evil empire. I basically reminded him that there are countries where he’d be put to death for saying such things.

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