How Did I Hurt That?

But I don’t even remember falling on that side. How is it bruised?

Almost every derby player has ended up with a mystery bruise or ache at some point.  I like to call it Derby Amnesia.

It happens to me mostly after bouts, but it occasionally creeps up after practice. I sit down only to find that I can’t without shooting pain, or I go to take a shower and spy a huge leg bruise in a spot where I don’t even remember getting hit.

Derby Amnesia usually gets blamed on adrenaline, but I think, in some cases, you could also blame it on focus.

Can Kiddo get your number?

After last night’s scrimmage practice, Beat-A-Trick Kiddo was gearing down when she noticed her upper arm was black. It wasn’t a bruise, though. It was a series of smudges from other people’s numbers.

When you are so focused on the game, there isn’t time to think about how many people you’ve hit or have hit you. There’s no time to think about how hard you hit the ground during that last fall. There is only what is happening at that very second. Where are you? Where’s the opposing jammer? Are you with your partner?

Sometimes pain does register, though. Monday night, I was pushing through a wall of opposing blockers when it felt like the back of my left upper arm was getting pinched. It hurt, but I quickly forgot about it and kept pushing through. When I went back to the bench, I realized my arm burned. I didn’t get a chance to look at it until I got home later.

“What happened to your arm?” my husband asked.

“What? Why? Does it look bad?

“Yeah! Look at it.”

I walked into the bathroom and angled my arm so I could see the reflection. Oh, yeah. That was going to be a nasty bruise. It took a few days, but it finally showed up in all it’s black-n-blue glory.

Isn’t it pretty?

While it may sound a little odd, Derby Amnesia can help you be a better player. It takes away some of external distractions, allowing you to just play the game.

What are some of you stories of Derby Amnesia?


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