A Tale of Two Eenies

Thursday nights are scrimmage nights for the Savannah Derby Devils. We love these nights because it’s a great chance to tryout new moves we’ve seen on the Derby News Network and to work on perfecting the positions we play most often.

The red shirt is also from one of my favorite scrimmages, Ridin’ Derby.

Because we’re split into two teams, every girl has to bring both a black and red shirt (our team colors) with her number on it. This past Thursday, Pino Gringo forgot her shirt, so I lent her my black shirt. This worked out fine since the red shirt I wore had my old number while the black shirt had my current number. Less confusing for the refs.

Well, it was less confusing until Pino and I had to jam against each other. Announcer Guy (that’s the name he wants) said, “And on the line jamming for Red Red Wine is Eenie Meanie going against Pino Gringo for the Black Holes.” (He comes up with new names every Thursday. He’s also open to suggestions if you have one.)

Pino and I exchanged looks, shook our heads, and then turned around for AG to read our shirts.

“Oh, no!” shouted AG. “In a strange turn of events, Eenie Meanie is jamming against Eenie Meanie. I guess that makes the Black Holes’ Eenie the Bizarro Eenie Meanie.”

The jammer start whistle blew, and we were off. I honestly couldn’t tell you if Pino made lead jammer orI did. Either way, Eenie Meanie wins, right?

Who do you cheer for?

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