Back in Black…. and Blue

With 2012 comes new challenges, new experiences, new places… but some very familiar aches and pains.

The Savannah Derby Devils only had two weeks of practice in December before taking a break for the holidays. We all swore we’d continue to exercise and eat healthy, but face it, that stocking full of candy wasn’t going to eat itself.

It was a good year in the Meanie House.

After the holiday break, I came down with my usual winter ick, which kept me from heading back to practice with everyone else. Now I’m back, and I’ve realized something, derby hurts again. I left my first scrimmage practice back with a bruise on each elbow, a bruised shoulder and a bruised shin. Yep. I was back. And it feels so good.

As I said earlier, 2012 means new challenges, I’ve signed up for the roller derby workout challenge again, started challenges on Fleetly, and I’m signing up my derby wife to run a 5k with me.

Last year’s challenge to myself was Operation Leanie Meanie. I met that challenge. This year, I’m aiming at faster and more powerful. I want blockers to quake with fear when they see me on the jammer line. We’ll see how Operation Speedy Meanie goes.


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