My Great Grandmother is Cooler than your Honor Student

My great grandmother Jimmie turns 100 in August.  100!!!! What do you get for a woman turning 100?

Grandmother is quite possibly the coolest woman I know. She played for her high school basketball team and helped take them to the state championship. She likes to tell a story about saving one of her teammates from falling out of the car when it swerved to avoid a cow in the road. Talk about an unexpected obstacle.)

She married my great grandfather when she was 16. On the night of their honeymoon, her parents had to be called to the hotel because management didn’t believe she and Papa were married.

She held many jobs to help support her family, including being a nurse. School was more of an idea from what she told me. It was more of an on-the-job training type of thing. (Never ask her about obstructed bowels.) She inspired several other women in my family to become nurses as well, including my mom.

There are a bunch of other reasons for her coolness: her determination, making a happy marriage, family loyalty, etc. But one thing that always makes me smile is that she wasn’t scared when I said I was joining a roller derby team. She was one of the few people in my family who didn’t ask why, or what was I going to do when my teeth got knocked out? She is very supportive and asks me how my skating is going every time she sees me.

Grandmother with me on my wedding day

Someone as cool as Grandmother deserves a derby name for her. I know if she had had roller derby in her area when she was younger, she would have been all over that.

Leaving a post with a few of her interests up on my team’s message board, here are the possible names i got.

  • Jimmie Smacks
  • Slingblade Nana
  • NahNah Gut-her
  • Jimmie Shears
  • 100% Jimmie
  • Big Bad Jim
  • Bad Nana J
  • Go Fish Jimmie
  • Big Blue (hair) Meanie
  • Jimmie Hits (like Jimmy Smits, anyone?)
  • Reeled-In Pain
  • Hookline Sink-her
  • Sid & Nana
  • Nanagram
  • Nana Needles
  • SpoonFullof Jimmie
  • Jimmie Da Hooks
  • Mrs. Horticutter

Can you tell she likes farming and fishing? I like to think that in her next life, she’ll be a derby girl.


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